sam's not here
sam's not here

smitten kitten,

yesterday (my birthday) was emotional & all but at least I realized I should stop caring and letting people affect me now because most people I care for don’t give a fuck about me. they’ll occasionally say “OMG lets hang out i miss you” but it’s just lies to make me feel temporarily better. I don’t need you people. fake people. my circle is small now literally only 3 people but id rather have them than be stuck with fake fucks. happy birthday lesson to me.

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can someone explain to me why the hell nearly naked women are the focal point of freaking fast food burger commercials? wtf is that? what does a hot woman have to do with a burger. if you need boobs and butt to make your burger more attractive, you have no business making food in the first place. get that shit outta here. what the hell man?

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